Electrical Services in Dallas

Precision American Homes, Inc.’s team of highly experienced and qualified electrical technicians have the knowledge and resources to perform a tremendous range of electrical specialties, including emergency repairs, general maintenance, and installation. With our unmatched safety record and meticulous attention to detail, we can restore and retain your space’s electrical systems and supplies.

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Extensive Range of Electrical Specialties for Any Home or Business

With our team of expert electricians, your commercial or residential electrical needs have never been easier, faster, or more affordable. As a full-service team of electricians and general contractors, we possess in-depth familiarity with all types of facilities, and have performed diligent electrical work for constructions, remodels, and upgrades.

Not having sufficient electrical resources for your needs can be highly inconvenient, and at worst can present dangers. If you are dealing with faulty wiring, tripping breakers, dated panels, or generally inconsistent performance, our electrical services can modernize and transform your space.

Our electricians use only the latest and most effective equipment and hardware for our installation and maintenance services. If you require a new fixture or appliance offered, we work alongside leading manufacturers and suppliers of dependable products and can professionally recommend the best one for your needs.

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Electrical Maintenance, Repairs, and Installations with Emergency Availability

Each of our electrical services begins with a diligent, comprehensive electrical inspection. We carefully evaluate all electrical components of your home or business, including wiring, breakers, panels, circuits, and various fixtures.

Based on our findings, we will then proceed with the necessary electrical upgrades, maintenance, or installation as needed. We are committed to providing new and existing spaces with innovative electrical features that offer unparalleled energy efficiency and conservation as well as low-maintenance. This will allow you to save considerably on your energy bills and reduce your environmental footprint.

We are committed to working safely and neatly on each site, minimizing any disruption. All our work is in full compliance with codes and regulations. Additionally, we can make expert recommendations on ingenious tips and features to keep your home or business’s electrical systems efficient and reliable.

Qualified Electricians Committed to Efficient, Durable Electrical Features

Each of our electricians has years of dependable experience working on a wide variety of projects.

We are fully licensed and bonded electrical technicians, committed to making access to electricity easy and safe for each property owner. Our wide range of expertise and familiarity with all aspects of interior electricity make us the company to call for any Dallas electrical work.

Upgrade and Safeguard Your Home or Business with Electrical Services

Regardless of your electrical needs, you can depend on Precision American Homes, Inc. to keep your home or business modern and efficient. We can replace or repair any electrical component you have, precisely and diligently.

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Electrical Work in Dallas

In today’s world, just about everything requires electricity to work. Even small things like checking your email become impossible without electricity, so when issues arise it’s important you know who to call.

Precision American Homes, Inc. is a trusted provider of electrical work in Dallas. We specialize in reliable, on-time service that our clients can count on. Whether you need a home rewired or are looking to have new lighting fixtures installed at your office, we’re here to help.


If you aren’t sure what you’re doing, performing your own electrical repairs can be an incredibly hazardous undertaking. Not only is there the risk of electrocution, but there is always the possibility that an inexperienced individual could make the problem worse—and therefore more costly to repair. Even if you’re a seasoned home repair expert, electrical work brings a whole new set of challenges that make hiring a professional the right call.

Our company is staffed by a team of experienced electricians, all with many years of service under their belts. There is no problem too big or too small for us to solve, so no matter what your issue is, it pays to call us.

Emergency Services

Sometimes electrical problems can’t wait until the morning, and that’s why we offer emergency electrical services. We understand that problems don’t wait until it’s convenient for you to spring up, and in many instances, we can be there on the same day to perform the necessary repairs.

The next time you have electrical problems, know who to call: Precision American Homes, Inc.


Part of being a responsible property owner is ensuring your systems are all up to date and functional. That includes your electrical system, so if you’re overdue for an inspection, we can be of service.

As licensed electricians, we can perform inspections on homes and businesses across Dallas. During these inspections, we carefully examine every part of your building to determine whether or not things need to be repaired. One of the major benefits of this is that, if we do detect something, the issue can be addressed before it grows into something bigger. Be proactive and schedule your inspection today.

Professional Electricians

When you need an electrician, the last thing you want to deal with is a company that only provides band aid solutions. We are proud to offer this town with reliable, straightforward service. We understand that our clients hold us to a high standard, and we work hard to always deliver quality results they can count on.

With fully licensed and bonded electricians on our team, nobody is more equipped than us to take on your residential or commercial electrical projects.

Electrical Problems? Contact Us!

Whether you’re in need of immediate assistance, or just want the name of a trusted electrical company for when issues come up, we’re here to serve you. We provide lasting solutions to a wide range of electrical problems, all for competitive prices.

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